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The affluents of the Charente

- The Argentor

The Argent has its source in St Laurent de Cénis at a height of 180m. The Or has its source in St Coutant at 160m of height. The two rivers have lateral sources.

The Argent (long of 9,7 km) joins the Or (4,8 km) to form the Argentor (15,8km) at the Guitry mill (Champagne-Mouton).

- The Sonsonnette

The Son has its source in Roumazières-Loubert (16), at a height of 207m and it is long of 22 km , and the Sonnette starts on the town of St Laurent de Céris (at a height of 168 m ) for a lenght of 19 km . The two rivers join to create the Sonsonnette, long of 10 km , at the town of Ventouse level.

- The Bonnieure

The Bonnieure is long of 40 km . It springs in Roumazières-Loubert (16) at a height of 206 m . The river joins the Charente River on the town of Puyreaux (16). Its flow is made of a unique branch, almost along all its length.

- La Tardoire

The Tardoire has its source in Haute-Vienne (87), upper Chalus, in the Bruat pond. Until Montbron, the Tardoire winds in narrow gorges. In Montbron, theses gorges get wider when they arrive in the limestone, forming a grassland valley and the Tardoire starts to loose its water in swallow holes. Its flow is long of 138 km .

- The Couture

The Couture has its source in Deux-Sèvres (79) in Aubigné (height of 110 m). Along its 24,9 km long flow, the river is divided in numerous branches. It joins the Aume in Oradour.

- The Aume

This 30,5 km long river has its source in Deux-Sèvres (79), in the Puits de l'Aume (town of Bouin ), at a height of 101m. The river is formed by numerous branches and joins the Charente in Ambérac.

-The Touvre

The Touvre is a river that has a more important flow than the river Charente during the summer. It is formed by the Bouillant, the Dormant and the Lèche and is 11 km long. It has its source in Touvre (city that gives the river its name), at a height of 47m. It is the “Big Karst” of La Rochefoucauld, that gets the other rivers' water, that supplies the Touvre. In Gond Pontouvre (16), the river joins the Charente . Let us notice that Angoulême is supplied in drinking water by one of the springs of this river.

- The Nouère

This little plain river has its source at a height of 104 m, not far from Rouillac (16). It joins the Charente after 21 km. Along its flow, in the past, numerous water mills worked.

- The Antenne

With a length of 50 km, this river has its source in Fontaine-Chalendray (17). Its main feature is that it keeps quite a flow even in the summer. It is not far from Cognac that it joins the Charente .

- The Né

The Né is 63 km long. It has its source in the towns of Bécheresse and Voulgézac (16) at a height of 170m. It joins the river Charente in Merpins (16). It is along the department limit between Charente and Charente-Maritime for 18 km.

- The Eaux-Claires

This affluent has its source at a height of 110 m, not far from Dirac (16). Its 11 km long flow is known to be limpid and heavy. The river joins the Charente in Saint-Michel.

•  The Trèfle

The Trèfle is a Seugne affluent, that joins the river in St-Georges-Antignac (17). It is 48km long and has its source in Condéon (16) at 130m height.

- The Seugne

The Seugne is one of the most important affluents of the river Charente . It has its source in Montlieu-la-Garde (16), spreads over 88 km to finally join the left bank of the Charente in Gonds (17).

- The Arnoult

This affluent has its source in Rétaud, not far from Saintes (17) at a height of 35 m. 36 km long, it becomes the Pont-l'Abbé Arnoult canal in the city of the same name. Then, it joins the Charente-Seudre canal at Echillais level, and this canal joins the Charente a bit after.

- The Boutonne

The Boutonne has its source in Chef-Boutonne (79), at a height of 90 m. It stretches through 97 km long, before to join the river Charente in Port-la-Pierre, in the surroundings of Tonnay-Charente. We can navigate on the Boutonne for 31km, from its confluence with the Charente to St-Jean d'Angély.

- The Gères

The Gères supplies the Charras canal, dug to dry out the marshes. It has its source in Saint-Mard, flows through Surgères, and joins the Charente river at Rochefort level.

- The Coran

The Coran has its source around Burie, in the Fontdouce Abbey. It joins the river Charente between Dompierre and Chaniers.



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