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Climate of the Charente
Catchment Area


The climate is oceanic aquitain. Temperatures are regular (the annual average is of 12° C), the rain is heavy in autumn and in the winter, and they are spread in the whole year (from 600 to 900 mm a year).
The difference between the coldest month and the hotest month all the more reduced as we get closer to the ocean. The winters are mild and there are 1900 hours of sunshine a year on the catchment area.
There are contrasts between the coast and the inland :
- there is less rain on the coast (750 mm vs 950 mm inland)
- the temperatures are cooler on the coast, because of the wind (7° vs 10° inland) but the winters are milder (the first frost is later).
- the wiind is more violent on the coast (around 60km/h vs 20km/h inland). During the 1999 storm, the wind blew at 198 km/h on the Oleron Island and at 148km/h in Saintes.



The climate is oceanic. The temperatures are cooler than in Charente-Maritime, with an average of 5°C in the winter and 20°C in the summer. The temperatures are all the more mild we go in the south of the department. The winters are are cool and rainy (860 mm a year) and the summers are dry.
The milder climate is in Cognaçais territory : the average temperature is 12,8°C, the rain is of 790 mm a year and there are 2025 hours of sunshine a year.
The coldest climate is in Charente Limousine : the average temperature is 11,4°C, and the rain is more of 900 mm a year.


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