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Transport infrastructures of
the Charente territory



The basin has numerous road infrastructures, which facilitate access from the rest of the country: the motorways A10 and A83 locate the basin on the north-west axis linking Bordeaux , Poitiers and Paris. Inside the basin, a network of roads in the shape of a star allows to get anywhere in less than 45min.


The basin of the river Charente enjoys many interregional lanes, but also the tgv lane which links Paris with Bordeaux , and the one linking La Rochelle with Limoges .


There are two aerodromes : The one of La Rochelle-Laleu , with low cost companies flying to Dublin and London , and flights to Paris as well ; and the aerodrome Brie-Champniers in Angoulême (it serves Clermont Ferrand). Although La Rochelle airport is outside the basin of the river Charente, it does be a useful way to go to Paris or to the United Kingdom.

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