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Excellence poles in the Charente Catchment Area

The main excellence poles on the river Charente catchment area are Cognac, packaging and Magelis Pôle Image (pictures industry).


Charente vineyards represent 50 % of all Cognac vineyards and 5365 exploitations. The major cognac production, making, and trade enterprises are located in the Charente department.
In 2002, 145 million bottles have been produced.
It is in Cognac and in Jarnac that we find the main Trade Houses.
The river Charente was once used to transport the cognac to atlantic harbours, from where it was going in the whole world. The business houses trade 99 % of cognac, and some of them are world leader groups like Hennessy, Rémy-Martin, Martell or Courvoisier.
The cognac activity created many other activities, indirectly linked to cognac, like glassworks, cooperage, corking …)


The packaging activity in the Charente department represents 150 industries and a 765 M€ turnover.

Paper and paperboard
381 million euros turnover. It is a traditional sector of the Charente economy.

152 million euros turnover. It is an important activity for Cognac area, related to bottles making and glass decoration for wines.

137 million euros turnover. Located mainly in the West of the department, the cooperage industries are flourishing and find new world markets.

Soft packaging and print
122 million euros turnover. These crafts gather many activities, like the packaging of dairy products, the sweet products packaging…

Wood and cork, plastic, metal and Packaging machines are less important.

MAGELIS POLE IMAGE (Picture industry)

It is made of a joint association which aim is to promote cartoon strips by developing the research in pictures and in pictures production.



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