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A new bridge over the Atlantic ocean

The committee for the Richelieu-Charente twinning wishes you a nice trip through the site !

On the 24th of march 2006, the twinning was announced on the occasion of a symposium on natural and cultural heritages organized by the COVABAR in Beloeil (Quebec). It takes part in the program “Twin Basin”, which partly financed the exchange missions prior to the elaboration of the twinning protocol. This international program aims at savoir-faire exchanges between the basins of Charente and Richelieu concerning the administration of water resources.
The two basins have a lot in common and strong links exist already between the two of them.
They have similar sizes. The hydraulic planning is just as important on both of them: navigating waterways, dams, mills and other monuments. Economic practices linked to the water are similar: rural population, important place of agriculture and viticulture, and the same water resources management problem coming out of it. The two basins have to face the same problems: inundations, frequent law water, intrusive vegetal species, migratory fishes…
Other aspects link the two rivers and their territories, as well as their inhabitants: cultural, economic and historical links.
The twinning aims at supporting exchanges about the administration of water resources, by reinforcing as well the relations between the two structures administrating the twinning: the EPTB and the COVABAR. But it is also intended to reinforce these various links, and spark off new partnerships as well.
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