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La Route des Tonneaux et Canons
Barrels and Guns Road

In the 18 th century, wood and iron were manufactured so as to become barrels and guns. The river Charente was the ideal way to carry these goods but also people going from the hinterland to Rochefort and to the Americas.

The association of the Barrels and Guns Road works for the creation of an East-West tourist and cultural itinerary with animations in cities and villages of the region.

Getting information about the salt Road in Charente territory; reinforcing the popular memory, recreating historic links between coopers, gabarriers, sea workers of Rochefort and its arsenal, here are the aims of the Barrels and Guns Road association. So horses, gabarres, boatmen, seamen, pedestrians or horse walker, bicycle-tourists and ordinary tourists or visitors come to discover or rediscover the wealth of the land and celebrate on the two banks of River Charente.

Some symbolic unloadings of freight bound for the Hermione yard have already been organised and the next meeting is due the 2007, for the Meetings in L'Houmeau Port. At the beginning of September, meet the Barrels and Guns Road association again in Angoulême for an 18 th century market, animations, conferences, exhibitions etc…