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The river Richelieu Catchment area

The whole catchment area of the lake Champlain and its affluents represents an area of 23 720 km². It has three catchment areas: the one of Missisquoi Bay (3 150 km²), the one of the lake Champlain (19 925 km²) and the one of the river Richelieu (2 506 km²).

The Richelieu Catchment area stretches through two countries : Canada (Quebec) and the United States ( New York state and Vermont state). It is lined by the River Yamaska Catchment Area on the East side and by the River Châteauguay Catchment Area on the West side.

The river Richelieu Catchment Area drains nine city counties : Rouville, Haut-Richelieu, Bas-Richelieu, Vallée du Richelieu, the Maskoutains, Lajemmerais, the Jardins-de-Napierville, and Roussillon.

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