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Transport infrastructures of
the Richelieu territory



In eastern Montérégie, the network is rich of 2113 km of roads and motorways :

- 658 km motorways
- 546 of national roads
- 490 of regional roads
- 419 km of collector roads.

The main axis are the road 132 and the motorways 10, 15, 20 (to Montreal ), 25, 30 et 35.
Many bridges connect the est of Monteregie to Montreal  : the Louis-Hyppolite-La Fontaine tunnel bridge, Jacques Cartier Bridge , Victoria Bridge and Champlain bridge.
All year, a tie connects Sorel with the norther bank of Saint Lawrence river, while three other seasonal ties connect the two banks of the river Richelieu between the motorway 20 and Saint Lawrence river.

At the west of Monteregie, the network offers 1700 km of roads, including :

- 422 Km motorways;
- 334 km of national roads;
- 470 km of regional roads ;
- 474 km of collector roads.

The main axis are the roads 132, 133 and 138, and the motorways 10, 15, 20, 30, 35, 40 and 540. There are also many bridges, like Mercier bridge and Monseigneur Langlois bridge, that span over Saint Lawrence river .


The basin of the river Richelieu can be accessed easily from Montreal . For example, there is a suburb train (inaugurated in 2000) doing the way 8 times a day between Montréal and McMasterville up to Mont-Saint-Hilaire (part added in 2002).


In East-Montérégie There are two municipal airports ( in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil and
Sorel ), as well as a regional one (Bromont) and an interregional one (Saint-Hubert).

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