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Woodland Vole

The woodland vole is a small mammal of the family of the rodents, which looks like a mouse. It is characterized by a very short tail, numerous hairs and a brown coat. In adulthood, this small mammal can measure between 11 and 13 centimetres and weigh up to 37 grams.
It eats seeds, small fruits, roots, branches, twigs and fragments of bark. The woodland vole lives in colonies and digs subterranean galleries in fields and forests.
The Quebec government has indicated this species as being susceptible to beclassified as a threatened or vulnerable species. Indeed, the woodland vole is little represented in Quebec, we find it only in the far south, around the river Richelieu. This small rodent is a victim of the urbanization, the lack of adapted food, predators and the absence of adequate environment.

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