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Fauna River Charente


Dragonflies are insects of the family of Odonates.
Dragonflies have two pairs of transparent and uneven wings, one pair of antennas on the head and two big eyes which give them a very piercing sight.
They eat small insects: mosquitoes, butterflies, flies …
There are several sorts of dragonflies on the river Charente.
It is thus possible to see Clubtail dragonflies or Orange-spotted emerald.
The former can especially be found in the Middle Valley of the Charente, between Crazannes and Cognac and the latter flutter above the Valley of the Charente and its main tributaries, between Angoulême and Cognac.
These two species are protected by an order of the Ministry of the Environment of July 22nd, 1993.
So, it is forbidden to destroy or to remove eggs, larvae and nymphs, to capture them, to destroy them when they are adult, to transport them or to sell them.